Imagine a cosmeticproduct just madefor you

Imagine a vast palette of high-tech ingredients and patented technologies designed to be mixed and answer your own specific needs. This is The Smart Blend.


Fact number 1

Be as unique
as you are

What's the meaning of a skin care product designed for millions while each individual is unique? The Smart Blend allows you to create your own cosmetic to answer your own needs... Simply choose your ingredients and press the dispenser to get your personal beauty routine!

Fact number 2

Promote synergy between active ingredients

Existing skin care products rarely mix different technologies and rarely contain more than one or two active ingredients. The specific, patent-pending, mechanism of The Smart Blend allows the combination of up to 5 active ingredients and great synergies for optimal results. This is truly unique.

Fact number 3

Open to new discoveries

Knowing just a few ingredients is pointless when effectiveness is targeted! The Smart Blend works with a rich network of ingredients specialists. Our active ingredients only come from the best experts in their field and are used at their optimal concentration.

Tailor-madeface cream

With The Smart Blend, you have virtually access to thousands of skin care products!

The Smart Blend is not a standard skin care product but a luxurious, patent-pending device developed by top-notch designers. Opened, it fits 7 cartridges: 2 Smart Bases (various day creams, night creams, lotions, serums and gels) and 5 Smart Serums containing the active ingredients at very high concentrations. Select them based on your preferences and the recommendations of our website, our Smart App and our experts. Push down the dispenser: the serums and a base get mixed to give you a tailor-made blend!

Mixing activeingredients

The Smart Blend has two modes, each one uses the same 5 Smart Serums but with a different Smart Base. This way, you can continue your treatment 24 hours a day!

Each one of the 5 Smart Serums inserted in the Smart Blend contains a highly-concentrated active ingredient with a specific role: Antipollution, Anti-wrinkle, Expression Lines Fighter, etc. Target the best results by approaching the problem from several angles!

The Smart Bases give the general characteristics to your product. Do you need a day cream or a gel? Do you need a UV filter? What is your favorite fragrance (or maybe you prefer it fragrance free)? This is really up to you!


Why two Smart Bases?
Turn the head to select one base or the other but always with all the Smart Serums: this is your day & night treatment! This mechanism has been elaborated by engineers to get the best results.

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Once you get a cosmetic device The Smart Blend, you become a club member. Get access to exclusive offers, great gifts and fantastic parties and demonstrations.

About TheSmart Blend

Dr. Fred and Dr. William are The Smart Blend’s founders. Passionate about cosmetics and skincare products in particular, it was simply logic for Fred and William to create The Smart Blend. Fred is Ph.D. in medicinal chemistry and a professional of the cosmetic industry where he worked for many years. At various positions in various organizations, Fred contributed to a a better cosmetic world, making its products safer and more effective. William is the artistic mind of The Smart Blend and worked hard on the development of this new universe.

The Smart Blend is almost there! Just a little push is needed to make it happen! Come, follow us every day and support us on Kickstarter, you will not get disappointed!

“I know that smart and honest skin care product have the potent to magnify the natural beauty of people and make them happy. People do not want to hope, they want results”

Dr. Fred, CEO at The Smart Blend